Vengo Wall Mount – Touchless High Tech

Vengo High tech Vending Machine

With fears of Covid-19 exposure driving vending operators to look at new touchless opportunities, Vengo Labs is deploying touchless retail technology across its network of 1,400 gym, school, retail and transit locations around the nation.  

“We hear the needs of our clients and their consumers, and the future is touchless,” said Brian Shimmerlik, CEO for Vengo Labs. “Vengo connects brands and consumers in the places they go by offering safe and instant touchless access to the products and samples they need, he added.  Through its signature red kiosks, Vengo is providing end-to-end touchless shopping and the ability to purchase product via their phone. 

Thanks to Vengo’s high tech wall mount vending machine, you can easily place a vending machine just about anywhere now, even in compact spaces, or on walls. With this new high technology the consumer can now have a touchless experience.

These vending machines are the next phase of vending machines because they no longer have the big and boxy footprint of vending machines from the past, and that means that operators now have more choices for where their machines can be placed. 

Even though this vending machine is small, it offers consumers touchless technology, with a variety of vending product options and delivers a high ROI. 

Vengo’s wall mount vending machine certainly offers everything that operators could want in a wall mount vending machine. This vending machine can hold up to 180 items and this means that operators have the opportunity to offer a vast amount of product options to consumers. 

Vengo High Tech Compact Vending Machines

Designed By Aerospace Engineers 

With life slowly adapting to the “new normal” around the world, Vengo’s vending machines are also the perfect solution for businesses and universities who want to make PPE supplies readily available to consumers. 

What’s unique about Vengo’s wall mount vending machine is that it was designed by aerospace engineers.  Since astronauts have to live and work in the most efficient and compact places in space, it’s no surprise the vending machine has an intricate design. 

The company has now placed more than 1,400 of their wall-mounted vending machines nationwide and their placements continue to grow as the demand for unattended retail grows. 

Besides being a great vending machine that can fit in almost any compact space, these wall-mounted vending machines can also display programmatic advertising, product sampling opportunities, and a variety of specialty options. 

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