Soozy’s Grain-Free, Shelf Stable Cookies 

In 2020 cookies are still more popular than ever before, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, but even though cookies remain a popular snack food, more consumers also want to enjoy grainfree cookies. 

Thanks to Soozy’s Grain Free, there is new grainfree cookie on the market that’s delicious and also shelfstable at the same time. 

PlantBased Ingredients Soozy’s Grain-Free Cookies (1)

Ingredients are everything in 2020 because even though snack foods like cookies may taste good, the reality is that consumers want to enjoy snack foods that are also healthy for them at the same time. 

What ingredients do Soozy’s GrainFree cookies contain? These plant-based cookies are ‘nutrientrich’ and contain ingredients like cassava flour and almond flour. 

Soozy’s Cookies are also made without dairy, gluten, soy, and eggs so the natural ingredients help to keep them low in sugar and carbs as well. 

DairyFree Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Besides offering grainfree cookies that are also Certified Vegan, Soozy’s Grainfree also offers wonderful dairyfree, chocolate chip cookies as well. These cookies are delicious and what’s even more ideal is that they have 50 percent less sugar than other store-bought chocolate chip cookies. 

They didn’t just stop at Chocolate Chip; the company also offers Oatmeal Raisin and an awesome birthday cake flavor cookie as well. 

About Soozy’s GrainFree Cookies 

Since launching in 2016, Soozy’s GrainFree Cookies offers shelfstable cookies that can survive on store shelves or at home without spoiling, but this doesn’t mean that they have tons of preservatives in them. 

These cookies are made without any sugars, substitutes, or alcohols in them and they don’t contain gums or stabilizers, so your consumers can have confidence that they are enjoying a wholesome cookie that better for them at the same time. 

Each package of Soozy’s GrainFree cookies comes with four delicious cookies and they have an MSRP of $5.99 

For more information visit the Soozy GrainFree website at 

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