Teatulia Offers Organic Tea Soda

Are you searching for another drink alternative to offer your customers? If so, why not consider Teatulia Organic tea soda?

Teatulia Tea SodaThis new tea soda offers the perfect combination for consumers who are searching for a cold, fizzy drink that’s not high in sugar and no added chemicals that might cause digestive problems. 

About Teatulia Tea Soda 

Teatulia started in Denver back in 2012 as a local tea bar and has since expanded into one of the most well-known tea brands in the world thanks to their tea soda. 

Each grab and go can of Teatulia contains a mixture of fruits, herbs, and the right amount of tea so that you still get the distinctive taste of black tea, or green tea with the wide variety of other ingredients that each tea has. 

Thanks to Teatualia, consumers who enjoy black tea, mint tea, or green tea can still enjoy their favorite teas, even while on the go, without having to concern themselves with brewing a cup of tea because with Teatulia, all someone has to do is grab a can of their tea soda and go. 

100% Organic Tea 

Teeatulia Tea SodaContinuing with the popular “better for you” trend that most companies are following in 2020, all of the tea that’s grown by Teatulia is 100% organic and isn’t grown with any harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

Founded by Linda Appel Lipsius, Teatulia is a woman and minorityowned business that also takes pride in responsibly using the land that the tea is grown on so that it will be available for future tea growers to use for generations to come.  

In 2020, most people drink at least one cup of tea per week. The good news is that with Teatulia, more consumers may choose to drink more tea since there’s nothing easier than grabbing a can of this popular tea soda during their day at work, or before their drive home. 

To learn more about Teatulia, visit their website today at https://www.teatulia.com/tea-soda, 303-433-2980.

By Jeremy Raglin, Editor-Content Writer

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