Hershey’s Releases New Reese’s Pretzel Cups  

Reeses Pretzel CupsReese’s Peanut Butter Cups have been one of the worlds bestselling candy brands since 1923 when H.B Reese, a dairy farmer created them. Now in 2020, they are known around the world as a “go-to” chocolate treat that chocolate fans enjoy because the nowiconic peanut butter cups offer a very satisfying dose of smooth peanut butter cream, wrapped in delicious Hershey’s chocolate. 

Like other well-known brands, Hershey’s likes to offer new versions of their iconic candies over the years, and this includes creating new varieties of their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Now offering the new Reese’s Pretzel Cups.

A New Direction For Hershey’s 

Since this year has an impact year for everyone due to Covid-19, the company recently decided to release new versions of their peanut butter cups including Franken-Cups, breakfast cakes, and peanut butter cups with pretzel bites, which also come with the slogan “The Hell With It, it’s 2020”. 

Trick-Or-Treating Banned In Most Cities In 2020 Due To Covid-19 

With most cities banning Trick-or-Treating this year, the company is understandably nervous about how Covid-19 restrictions are going to affect their annual sales. 

The good news is that Hershey’s has been working hard for months to reshape their October marketing by releasing new varieties of their iconic candy brands, along with more family size packs, as it’s anticipated that more American’s will be celebrating Halloween at home or having virtual parties over Zoom. 

Peanut butter cups + pretzel bits? Yes please! These peanut butter cups will sure to be a big hit this Halloween especially as the holiday is responsible for roughly 10% of Hershey’s annual sales.

To learn more about Reese’s Pretzel Cups, visit their website at https://www.hersheys.com/reeses/en_us/products/reeses-peanut-butter-cups.html. 

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