Fruit Flavored Organic Popcorn By LesserEvil Healthy Brands, LLC 

Fruit Flavored PopcornAre you searching for healthy snacks to offer to your micromarket or vending customers? LesserEvil Healthy Brands, LLC, has got you covered with their new organic fruit flavored popcorn. 

The company has been developing new popcorn flavors for years that match the wide variety of flavored waters that can be bought at local grocery stores.  

Some of the most popular fruitflavored organic popcorn flavors that they produce include Lemonade, Watermelon Hibiscus, and Pink Grapefruit.  

Delicious Fruit Flavored Popcorn  

What’s great about their healthy popcorn is that they are made with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil. 

This popcorn is vegan, 100% organic, non-GMO, kosher, and glutenfree! It a fantastic treat that your customers are going to love because its also airpopped and doesn’t contain any ingredients that are unhealthy or potentially bad for you. 

RFruit Flavored Popcornetailing for $3.99, for a five-ounce bag, this fruitflavored organic popcorn is sure to sell quickly because when people learn about healthy food or snack that they will enjoy, they always tell their friends. 

Just In Time For Summer 

Summer is almost here, and with the weather already warming up, more people will want to have a light snack that also has an enjoyable flavor. The good news is that LesserEvil has the perfect solution with their fruitflavored popcorn. 

Each bag of his popcorn is glutenfree, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, has delicious organic fruit seasonings, and clean ingredients so that you won’t have to wonder about the quality of the popcorn that you’re enjoying.  

Popcorn has been a traditional snack food that people have known and loved for generations, but as we move into the 2020s, it’s time for a new take on this classic fan favorite. Thankfully, LesserEvil Healthy Brands, LLC, has accomplished the goal of “reinventing” popcorn for the 21st century by creating new flavors that are sure to appeal to more than just the traditional popcorn fan. 

About LesserEvil Healthy Brands, LLC 

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, the company has become known for developing innovative snacks that are “better for you,” including grain-free organic puffs, grain-free egg white curls, and of course, organic popcorn. 

Besides producing high quality snack foods with ingredients that you can pronounce, LesserEvil also specializes in creating a great company that’s based on sustainable business practices, which are also good for the planet and the snack food industry as a whole.  

You can find LesserEvil Healthy Brands, LLC fruit flavored popcorn at a store near you or online via their website at 

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