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Vending Machine Equipment Manufacturers
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(AMS) Automated Merchandising Systems Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1997 for the purposes of manufacturing dependable, state-of-the art vending machines.
Phone: 304-725-6921
Fax: 304-725-6983
You can count on Automatic Products, A Crane Co. Company and our worldwide distributor network. We’re ready to be your source for the best vending merchandisers backed by customer service that is second to none.
Phone: 800-523-8363
Local: 651-288-2975 Technologies Coffea(TM) specializes in the design, development and manufacture of automatic brewing machines for coffee and other hot beverages.
Technologies Coffea(TM) offers solutions that are customized to the needs of customers, regardless of the type of beverage. We are the winner of the Kitchen Innovation Award 2013!
Phone: 877-341-2233
Local: 418-660-2233
Fax: 418-660-9311
Crane Merchandising Systems
Crane Merchandising Systems is the vending industry’s leading manufacturer of automatic merchandising equipment. Our manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO, is among the most modern in the industry with distribution centers throughout the US, Canada and Europe.
Phone: 800-325-8811
Local: 314-298-3500
Fax: 314- 298-3534
Dixie Narco – Vending Machine Manufacturers.
The Leader in Cold Drink Vending! Contact us for Distributors in your area.
Phone: 800-688-9090
Fax: 803-266-5049
We are manufacture the NuWay Machine, Tomy Gacha Machine Coin Mechanism & Parts, Plush Crane Machine, and Other Bulk Vending Machines. Contact us at: 626-458-7687.
Phone: 800-988-9056
Fax: 626-307-7767

Factory Direct Vending from the original dream of founder F.A. Wittern. Since 1931 our company has produced over 2 million vending machines. We sell high quality Snack, Soda, Combo’s, Food, Deli, Bottled Drink vending machines. New Vending Machines at Factory Direct Prices! Zero Down Financing! Call 1-800-454-2454 today!

Factory Direct NEW Combo!
Phone: 800-454-2454
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LarsonBiz Vending Machines – Combines product showcasing and video/sound demonstrations with credit-card product dispensing. Great for selling E-Cigarettes where each item has its own video for product description and legal disclaimers. Contact us for pricing and more information. Dimensions: 72H x 32W x 36D. One year warranty and support. Visit website at:

Phone: 888-980-5090
Paramount Commercial Manufacturing is a U.S. based company that produces high quality snack, drink, and combo vending machines in our modern factory in China.  Multiple mechanical and electronic vending solutions to choose from. Offices and warehousing on both coasts.
Phone: 866-567-0102
Fax: 201-244-0156
Rowe Manufacturing – Beverage Vending Machines, Food, Snack Vending Equipment Machine Manufacturing.
Phone: 616-243-3633
Royal Vendors is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality vending machines! We are proud of our world-class manufacturing site in West Virginia where we manufacture vending equipment.
Phone: 800-321-8637
Fax: 304-725-4728
Seaga Manufacturing, Inc. is a premier provider of top-quality vending machines, bulk vending machines, frozen and cold vending machines, change machines and cold merchandisers for a variety of industries, including vending, bottled water, ice cream, soda and juice.
Phone: 815-297-9500
Fax: 815-297-1700

Slimline Designs – Wall mount, Floor Standing, and counter top vending and dispensing machines! FACTORY DIRECT pricing and Warranty with the Manufacturer! Wall Mount vending machines: 10 selections of 10 products for selections of 100 packages or upgrade to our 18 selections 675 packages which expands to carry a maximum of 5700 packages. All machines can be equipped with coin changers, bill validators, credit card readers, DEX, and Internet accounting communication. We ship world wide. Call Toll Free for pricing 1-866-580-3328!

Phone: 866-580-3328
Local: 604-580-3328
Fax: 604-635-3968

Technik Mfg, Inc is a competent manufacturer of phone card vending machines and card vending kiosks, custom vending machines. Technik is organized to build your vending machines to SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP. Phone cards, booklets, CD vending, compact discs are just a few products our machines vend…Ask Yourself, “What can we vend for you?”
Phone: 888-832-4645
Local: 402-564-3191
Fax: 402-564-0406