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REFRIGERATED MERCHANDISERS FOR VENDING AND MICRO MARKETS! SMART REFRIGERATED COOLERS for vending and micro markets. Contact these refrigerated cooler supply companies direct for more information about their machine details and pricing.
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Fresh food steps from your desk. Byte is an affordable, smart fridge stocked with the highest quality food that employees love. Byte combines fresh food and fresh thinking to change the way employers feed their teams. Visit Byte foods.
Phone: 415-329-5210
Due North creates refrigerated, retail merchandising solutions that maximize our customers’ success. The company was formed in 2022 by combining long-standing retail refrigeration companies Minus Forty and QBD into one organization. Visit
Due North Cooler Merchandising
Phone: 800-800-5706

ShelfX is a leading provider of unattended retail. The technology can be deployed in secured fixtures to allow consumers to purchase any item in any quantity right at the shelf. No cashiers, no lines, no product scanning, no RFID stickers. ShelfX has deployed more than 1500 smart fridges in 23 countries. ShelfX fridges have sold over 27 million items. ShelfX has been in business for 13 years. ShelfX
ShelfX Refrigerated Merchandisers
Phone: (720) 897-7731
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