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Charity Vending Candy boxes
Contact Info
Brochure Holders for U-Your sourse for all of your stock and custom P.O.P. displays.
Phone: 800-949-1933
Charity Lollipop Honor Boxes
NEED A WAY TO MAKE SOME PART-TIME INCOME? We give you all the tools to get started, [Charity Lollipop Honor Boxes] 50 Boxes -(box holds 60 lollipops), total of 3,000 Tootsie Roll Lollipops. Low start up cost – all for under $2,500! Lollipops sell for 50 cents each and only 1-2 hours per month to service all locations. Call 561-255-2685, or email at:


Phone: 561-255-2685

Plastic Service Trays, Inc
Plastic Service Trays – Honor type molded plastic snack trays, plastic trays for charity box vending.
Phone: 317-356-3639
SBS Plastic & Display
SBS - Plastic Honor Boxes, POP Displays, Humidors, display boxes for charity vending uses.
Phone: 954-229-0480
Fax: 954-390-6068

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