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American Association For Lost Children, Inc. (AAFLC) is an awesome and unique charity that finds and rescues missing children. Vending donations have enabled AAFLC to rescue numerous missing children. AAFLC provides vendors everything needed for a successful vending business. Voted #1 Charity Vending Program, we require only $1.00 donation per sticker per month.

Phone: 800-375-5683
Local: 724-537-6970

American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. We are a National Charity assisting challenged children, for over 15 years. We work closely with our vendors and provide everything they need to succeed.

Phone: 718-987-6911
Fax: 718-980-1271

CANCER FUND OF AMERICA, INC, Serving the cancer family for over 28 years, maintaining from 40 to 50 tractor trailers load of over 100 new products for patients via families, hospice and other non-profit health agencies nationwide.   
We provide vending machine labels to vendors helping raise funds for our programs. 1-800-578-5284 James Reynolds, Pres.
 Visit our website at:
Phone: 865-938-5281
Fax: 865-938-2968

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