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The National Children's Cancer Society Charity SponsorshipForkids CharityCHARITIES FOR VENDING that offer Vending Charity Sponsorship Programs and Vending Outreach Programs! Please contact these Charity Organizations direct for more information about their Vending Machine Charity Programs and Sponsorships.
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Family Life International, Inc.
Family Life International, Inc., a national 501(c)3 non-profit, with its Hugs Not Drugs® and Grandparents Against Drugs projects, seeks to end the demand for drugs by early childhood education. Our Vending Outreach Program is excellent. See our Vending Times ad. Visit our website. Obtain a FREE vending start-up package!
hugsnotdrugs charity
Phone: 561-585-7771
Fax: 561-585-9411
Teen Challenge is funded by contributions. We have a vending label program! Please consider a donation to Teen Challenge. Your Generous Gift Will Help Turn Young Lives Around!
Teen Challege
Phone: 951-682-8990 jon.ubovich@
The National Children’s Cancer Society has expanded its charity vending program to include full line machines along with bulk machine and honor boxes. The organization’s charity vending program has generated almost $7 million since inception and is an important revenue source to fulfill the organization’s mission. Join our successful program and help families battling childhood cancer. Visit
the NCCS
Phone: 314-446-5223
Fax: 314-735-2023