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PLASTIC CHARITY BOXES FOR SALE for CHARITY VENDING, BOX COMPANIES are listed below. Please contact the companies direct for more information about the products they offer. These companies are listed below in alphabetical order by company name.
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Company/ Website
Charity Vending Candy Boxes
Contact Info
Brochure Holders for U -Your source for all of your stock and custom P.O.P. displays.
Phone: 800-949-1933
Charity Lollipop Honor Boxes
NEED A WAY TO MAKE SOME PART-TIME INCOME?We give you all the tools to get started, [Charity Lollipop Honor Boxes] 50 Boxes -(box holds 60 lollipops), total of 3,000 Tootsie Roll Lollipops. Low start up cost – all for under $2,500! Lollipops sell for 50 cents each and only 1-2 hours per;month to service all locations. Call 561-255-2685, for email at:
Phone: 561-255-2685
Plastic Service Trays, Inc
Plastic Service Trays – Honor type molded plastic snack trays, plastic trays for charity box vending.
Phone: 317-356-3639
SBS Plastic & Display
SBS – Plastic Honor Boxes, POP Displays, Humidors, display boxes for charity vending uses.
Phone: 954-229-0480
Fax: 954-390-6068