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PLASTIC CHARITY BOXES FOR SALE for CHARITY VENDING, BOX COMPANIES are listed below. Please contact the companies direct for more information about the products they offer. These companies are listed below in alphabetical order by company name.
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Charity Vending Candy Boxes
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Honor boxes available. We manufacture the finest candy vending displays. Functional and professional grade at a low cost. Each honor box comes with lollipop inserts and high-quality vinyl pricing stickers. Locating assistance is also available in some areas. Check out:
Honor Boxes
Phone: 800-327-7750
National wholesaler of honor boxes and charity display trays for vending of snacks, lollipops, and candy. Candy for a Cause™ has been helping vendors make money while helping a cause. It’s a program that also builds goodwill with the businesses who sponsor a display, creates awareness for the cause, and provides a tasty treat for the patrons of the businesses. You can order online at
Candy Charity Boxes
Phone: 716-873-7003