Jingpin Hi-Tech Introduces Intelligent Vending System 2.0

jinpin-zou-guangweiJingpin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based software solution provider in the smart selling sector, recently released its Intelligent Selling Cloud Platform System 2.0, which supports the management of unmanned sales equipment of different hardware manufacturers.

Zou Guangwei, founder and CEO of Jingpin Hi-Tech, noted at a recent press conference that the system provides the equivalent of having a smart brain to realize remote control, efficient operations, whole network integration, interactive marketing and more.

The 2.0 system integrates online platform data and realizes online order plus offline delivery, or offline promotion plus online order, the company announced.

The SKU data of vending machine products will be uploaded online.

The intelligent vending cloud platform can consolidate the online and offline customer traffic and integrate the online and offline behavior data.

Based on the data analysis about users’ buying behavior and geographical location, the system can achieve “precise customer attraction” that can motivate customers to find the vending machines, according to the company.

The system’s data analysis ability allows the platform to work with third party service providers to help operators address challenges related to supply chain, logistics and maintenance.

Dozens of strategic partners at the present time – such as SAMPO, GRG Banking, FengWang, Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association, China Mobile Online Mart, Meituan.com, China Unicom Online Mart – have agreed to cooperate with Jingpin Hi-Tech on the platform.

The partners include operators, hardware manufacturers, retailers, financial leasing companies, logistics providers and equipment service providers.

JinpinThe 2.0 system, which is suited to mainstream vending machines such as snacks, beverages, food, hot drinks, freshly-squeezed juices and beauty care, can increase development efficiency by 60 percent, reduce customization cost by 80 percent and reduce hardware docking time by 50 percent.

During the press conference, the company also announced the establishment of a service support and value-added business platform.
The value-added business platform uses the 2.0 system to connect with online platforms to provide operators with online traffic introduction and differentiation. The value-added services include industry diversion and advertising.

Guangwei also reviewed the core advantages of the company’s Selling Management System Version 1.0, which solves three core issues:
operational efficiency, affiliate marketing and hardware compatibility.

There are currently more than 20 retail formats of Jingpin High-Tech docking services, with the number of intelligent machines for docking services exceeding 10,000, while the number of operators using the system has exceeded 100.

For more information visit http://www.jpgk.com.cn

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