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GREENVALE, NY – With St.Patrick’s Day only a few days away, business owners are gearing up to see a spike in profits through the use of their photo booths. St. Patrick’s Day is a day when people gather together to have some fun and take a lot of pictures. The presence of a photo booth will not only inspire people to take quality selfies with a photo booth, but it will also bring in more foot traffic to the businesses that have photo booths.

Face Place photo booths have Smile 2.0 software that allows customers to add festive St. Patrick’s Day enhancements to their photos. Apple Industries, the makers of the Face Place photo booths, also offers regular updates to the Smile 2.0 software that can enhance the way your customers can personalize their photos. With so many ways to easily customize St. Patrick’s Day pictures, party goers will be lining up to use photo booths all over the world.

A Face Place photo booth also allows customers to share their customized photos through their social media accounts. It is a great way for people to show their friends the good time they are having on St. Patrick’s Day. Photo booth operators can also offer fun props such as hats or novelty eye wear to enhance the good times even more.

To help boost profits, a Face Place photo booth gives consumers the option to put their customized pictures on souvenirs such as coffee mugs, hats, and t-shirts. This gives customers a chance to remember St. Patrick’s Day 2018 for years to come, and it gives photo booth operators the chance to make even more revenue.

Face Place has a revenue sharing program that allows business owners to put a photo booth at their location at no cost to them. Anyone interested in taking advantage of this program still has time to contact Face Place to find a participating revenue sharing operator near them. All the business owner has to do is find a spot for the photo booth, and they get to share in the profits that will run through that booth all day long.

It is not too late to look into getting a photo booth for you business and take advantage of one of the biggest revenue days of the year in the coin-operated amusement industry. Face Place can recommend the perfect photo booth for your business and even help you with easy financing. Business owners are encouraged to act quickly to make sure their booth is in place by St. Patrick’s Day. Current owners of photo booths will want to put together their marketing now to take part in the extra profits St. Patrick’s Day offers.

Apple Industries manufacturers the award-winning line of Face Place photo booths and the innovative Smile 2.0 software. Face Place photo booths allow users to share their pictures online through social media, or order packages of printed pictures directly from the photo booth. You can see the full line of Face Place photo booths at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. or you can contact the company at (516) 619-8000.


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