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KIDDIE RIDES FOR SALE, new & used token coin operated kiddie rides. Please contact the Kiddie Ride Suppliers directly for more information about their kiddie ride machines & equipment pricing.
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National Kiddie Rides Suppliers of Sugar the Pony new and various used kiddie rides. Over 50 years of honest dealing in the amusement business. We want repeat customers. Call us at 561-331-1000, visit website
National Kiddie Rides
Phone: (561) 331-1000
Theisen Vending Company – Largest provider of coin operated kiddie rides in USA, since 1960! With 50 years of experience, we are in a position to pass along our expertise to you. We are excited to let you know the A through Z’s of kiddie rides whether it’s introducing you to new releases, steering you through the features of rides from each manufacturer, helping you look for a deal among the refurbished rides or guiding you through the solution on a repair.
kiddie rides for sale or lease
Phone: 800-633-3436
Local: 612-827-5588
Universal Space Video Game (UNIS) -in Family Entertainment products located in Ontario Canada. We provide FECs around the world with a large variety of services and amusement game products; from Redemption machines, Video games, Kiddie rides, to Prize machines.