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Face Place Photo Booths by Apple Industries! Face Place provides photo booths for today’s consumers as well as event planners, route operators, location owners from shopping malls to bars, restaurants and amusement parks. Our award-winning product line features full social media integration, powered by Apple’s Smile 2.0 technology. Face Place units enable consumers to print and share photos and videos directly from the photo booth to friends on Facebook, Twitter and email!
Face Place Photo Booths
Phone: 516-619-8000
Smart Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of coin operated amusement machinery. We have been supplying operators with quality equipment since 1985. Smart Industries manufactures everything from photo booths to crane games!
Phone: 800-553-2442
Fax: 515-265-3148
StarBooth a state-of-the-art, multimedia vending machine designed for singing and instantly recording your own quality CD, uploading your performance to the Web, creating a video intro and sending a sing-a-gram to a friend, and even entering Web based talent competitions. Music recording and production can be expensive and complicated, but the Automated Recording Studio and the Starbooth® Vending Network transforms this process into an automatic, affordable and fun-filled experience for everyone! Please visit for more product details
Photo Booths
Phone 304-945-5200