Ice Games Newest Game, Wheel of Fortune

Greetings and salutations! We hope your April is off to a great start!
One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact our games appeal to everyone! Collegiate Hoops has become a viable piece for street locations and last months March Madness gave them a great opportunity to showcase this customizable unit. Looking for a Spring Spruce Up? Possibly, you’re in the market for this year’s top redemption game: Wheel of Fortune. Or maybe you need to get reacquainted with the ICE Carnival game series? ICE offers a vast array of games, perfect for any location! Be sure to check our recent game room transformation video to get an idea what our games could do for your location.
Take it to the Bank, It’s a Proven Money Maker!
Wheel of Fortune shown with side by side marquee
America’s favorite game show makes its family entertainment center debut
Our newest game, Wheel of Fortune, has been considered a hybrid between the very successful Treasure Quest and the iconic Deal or No Deal. Contestants are spinning the wheel to land on letters, spelling out the phrase WHEEL OF FORTUNE MEGA WIN. Whomever gets the last letter lit to solve the puzzle wins the jackpot!
Units feature a giant 6′ foot spinning wheel and sounds from the T.V. game show. Wheel of Fortune is a timless piece and a must – have for any redemption venue.
Step on Up for ICE Carnival games!
The Carnival series is becoming an ICE trademark! Like Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey, which laid the foundation for the company, the highly interactive carnival series games are becoming a cornerstone of our redemption line up. Now at six games, bring the highly successful games to your location today!
Game Room Makeover
We recently had the opportunity to see firsthand transformation of a Bowling Entertainment Center. It is, without a doubt, very rewarding to see this project come to fruition. But the highlight has got to be seeing that it doesn’t take a $1,000,000, or even half of that, to give your location a great upgrade!
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