IAPPA 2019 Nov, 19-22, Orlando07 November 2019 – Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries promises to transform the business of fun at this year’s IAAPA Expo, Orlando 2019. Here are some notable highlights:

Tradeshow Floor: Embed Booth 1336

Taking the Embed brand to a new level, the newly-designed double-story booth, where visitors can get one-on-one demos with Embed Champions and win attractive prizes daily*, an elevated view of the show while enjoying daily happy hour gatherings at Embed’s very own “CHEERS!” bar from 1-5pm daily*.  Embed will also host the very first exclusive Night Race IAAPA After-Party at Andretti’s Indoor Karting and Games, a long time Embed customer and partner. “Andretti Indoor Karting & Games have been partners with Embed since 2007, so it makes perfect sense that they selected the Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Orlando venue to host their first post-IAPPA party for their customers and partners.” said, Eddie Hamann, Managing Member.

Game-Changer: The Mobile Wallet & Wearable Media

This year’s top-secret development project – Embed is the first-to-market with the Mobile Wallet. Delivering the next-generation in cashless payments for the FEC Industry, Embed is the only FEC business solutions provider to partner with Google and Apple to gain compliance approval, a breakthrough that makes Embed the only non-banking finance -payment or loyalty card business and brand card that sits in the mobile wallet. There’s no app download required, so guests add the virtual game card to their Mobile Wallet and play. All in the name of easing the customer journey and driving return visitors for Embed’s Operators.

Be mesmerized by the new collection range of wearable media that has over 200 design variations, covering every consumer demographic, gender, and amusement category, including waterparks. Embed redefines the “game card” by combining fashion, textile design, with various materials, and technology to reimagine wearables that drive return visits, customer loyalty and a cult following. “This is beyond great designs on game cards, which are two-dimensional. We are working in 3D! These cards include embossed graphics, printed in full colour on a shimmering metallic base; unlike anything in the category now. Matte embossed game cards. The collection even includes an eco-friendly natural and organic wooden card series.” said Rob Thompson, Chief Supply Chain Officer in Manufacturing & Supply Chain.

Stop by the #BLING station at the Embed Booth to see, touch and bring home one of these collectibles for yourselves.


Embed’s partnership with OpenEdge offers customers safe, secure and reliable payment solutions. “OpenEdge ensures our operators can access a central system for secure reliable payment solutions through all aspects of our Toolkit and Kiosk solutions which means reconciling daily payments is easy because all payments are recorded directly in the software, making end-of day reporting a breeze.” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Solutions Group, Embed. OpenEdge will be giving demo’s at the Embed Booth and offering a launch special: customers get a free Ingencio® device** when they sign up with OpenEdge for payment solutions with Embed’s platform.

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