U-Select-It Expands Its Evoke Series Line By Introducing Three New Combo Merchandisers

Evoke Combo Vending MachinesU-Select-It, Inc. has introduced three new refrigerated combo merchandisers: Evoke Combo 3 ST/VT, Evoke Combo 5 ST/VT and Evoke Combo 5 Elevator.

The Evoke Combo ST/VT 3 offers up to 36 selections in a small footprint, while the high-performance Evoke Combo ST/VT 5, with up to 65 selections, is ideal for operators providing full food service at high traffic locations.

The Evoke Combo 5 Elevator offers up to 60 selections and features a soft elevator delivery to vend fragile items from all trays and ensures optimal product rotation through First-In First-Out (FIFO) loading.

Following the design and functionality characteristics of USI’s Evoke Snack merchandisers, the Evoke Combo models bring together the latest in vending technology, enhanced merchandising, and attractive styling.

USI’s proprietary FLEX control board offers unique capabilities through its open architecture approach. FLEX Connect’s application programming interface (API) provides for the development of backend and graphical interfaces.

For example, PayRange, a leading mobile payment system, is on-board through FLEX open API platform. The Combo models are fully ADA compliant and offer a myriad of standard features including the iVend guaranteed product delivery, enhanced LED lighting, and an ergonomic user interface.

As the most energy efficient machines on the market, these merchandisers are available in single temperature (ST) or variable temperature (VT). USI’s Evoke Combo models feature new soft coat, heated glass window that will allow for a higher relative humidity before fogging, lowering overall energy demand on the glass heater.

As with USI’s legacy Alpine Combo models, the Evoke Combo models are full health safety programmable by selection, range, or row. The Evoke Combo models offer product versatility with the ability to vend various snack, refrigerated food, and cold beverage packaging sizes and types such as cans, bottles and boxes.

The standard braille keypad and a 3.5-inch full color display allows operators to display pricing information, as well as nutritional information such as calorie count and serving size in compliance with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Rule.

The Evoke Combo models offer a variety of optional features including a 7-inch full color touch screen, custom graphic wraps, and addition of a cashless card reader. The optional 7-inch full color touch screen offers shopping cart mode to purchase up to three items in one transaction, a product browse capability, and advertising options for static and video content.

“While the Evoke Snack 5 and 6 have been a huge success, the request we kept hearing from customers is for a refrigerated combo model to bank the Evoke Snack with,” said James Chico, USI vice-president of global sales. “We are excited to expand the Evoke line with these five refrigerated Evoke Combo models and provide our customers with a full-line Evoke solution that offers an engaging customer experience, the latest in technology and payment systems, and exceptional product merchantability with the goal of driving sales for operators.”

For more information visit https://www.uselectit.com/

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