Parlevel Introduces Micro Market Payment App

parlevel systems appParlevel Systems has released a mobile application called koin that enables micro market operators to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce or eliminate credit card transaction fees. The app allows micro market customers to pay with their mobile phone, utilize a wallet auto-reload feature, check micro market inventory remotely, provide service feedback to operators and other features.

Operators can use the app improve their services by allowing customers to manage their micro market accounts without the need to physically visit the kiosk. Customers can pay directly from the app.

Customers can also set up auto-reloads for their micro market wallets. For example, once a customer’s wallet balance drops below a preselected amount, their virtual wallet will automatically reload with a selected amount, speeding up transaction times and generating more revenue through constant credit availability.

The app further helps operators reduce cashless transaction fees or avoid them completely. The app reloads made with cash on the kiosk have no card processing fee. Operators can use the app to ensure smoother grand
openings by letting customers register for accounts remotely instead of physically visiting the kiosk.

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