Former Food Delivery Service Feast To Bring Automated Food Kiosks To Toronto’s Subway System

Feast-high-tech-food-vending-machinesFeast, formerly a meal delivery service in Toronto, is developing a retail concept to provide food to busy office workers. A posting in Toronto’s Freshdaily blog reported the company is working to bring high-tech food machines to Toronto’s subway network.

These are state-of -the-art automated kiosks with sophisticated temperature controls, inventory management and robotic arms, Feast noted on its website.

Feast customers will get access to protein salads and bowls. Everything will be served chilled. This gives people more accessibility to Feast meals and provides the opportunity to carry more menu items and try other options like breakfast, snacks and meals that can be heated.

Feast plans on adapting its app to reward loyal customers. There will also be features like checking inventory in kiosks and ordering ahead.

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