Embedded vīv Now On SandenVendo Machines

The vīv touchless, cashless technology solution from Vagabond is now an option on all new SandenVendo machines.   The solution is also available as a retrofit for machines already in the field. 

SandenVendo“The availability of the touchless payment platform demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and secure solutions to operators, accounts and consumers to ensure vending machines continue to be a reliable source of nutrition for workers by eliminating the need to touch the machine,” said Joseph Lavookvp of sales and marketing at SandenVendo. 

As people return to work, they are more cautious about how they interact with their workplace environment,” Lavook continued. SandenVendo’s new touchless capabilities enable operators and accounts to offer dependable equipment solutions with a secure and exciting touchless purchase experience that is safer for consumers.” He added that vīv-enabled SandenVendo machines are a great solution for operators and workplaces looking to provide consumers with equipment that reduces their anxieties related to interacting with public surfaces. We look forward to working with our many partners to supply equipment that provides a high degree of confidence in our secure and health conscious offerings, Lavook said. 

Vagabond Touchless vivScott Meskin, Vagabond president, said that Vagabond is working  with campuses and workplaces across the country whose staff are concerned with physical interactions with their environment upon returning to work, including their vending machines and breakroom markets “We are very proud to partner with SandenVendo to supply a touchless payments solution to workplaces that already rely on their vendors, while also reducing cost for operators, enabling direct consumer marketing as well as remote, two-tier, and dynamic pricing, Meskin said. 

Originally The Vendo Company, SandenVendo also manufactures stack machines, glass front vendors, hot food displays, refrigerated showcases and micro market designs. 

Vendo Vending Machines

SandenVendo, is the world-leading vending manufacturer. They have led the vending and convenience store industries for decades, manufacturing some of the world’s best vending machines and food service equipment. SandenVendo holds various certifications in Mechanical Testing, Design and Manufacture of vending machines and food service equipment. 

More information about SandenVendo’s touchless products  are available by contacting the company at 214-765-9066 or emailing info-group.sva@g-sanden.com . Visit https://www.vendoco.com/

By Jeff Adair, Editor

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