Airlift ‘Shoutouts’ Let Employers Recognize And Reward Employees At Micro Markets


Building on its April national launch with an iPad-based kiosk?for office micro markets, Airlift has launched the Shoutouts rewards and recognition feature across its markets. Users can?purchase Airlift Shoutouts?to gift Airlift funds and send an email including a personal message and a QR code to a recipient. Airlift account holders purchasing Shoutouts can also broadcast a short message on the Airlift kiosks, company-wide. Recipients use the funds by scanning the QR code when they check out at their Airlift market and always enjoy favorable Airlift account pricing, even if they are not account holders.

Timely rewards and sharing recognition stories drives company culture and boosts employee performance. Modern performance recognition programs are social instead of top-down. The Shoutouts are a tool in the?$46 billion employee recognition?market.

“With Shoutouts, we can shift significant employee recognition spending into Airlift markets,” says Airlift founder Sandeep Phadke. “By adding company dollars to employee spending, Airlift becomes a revenue-generating platform, not just a cost-savings kiosk.”
Airlift office customers get credit for defining the problem that Shoutouts solve. “In feedback sessions, HR leaders and employees we interviewed all mention gaps for more informal rewards and recognition,” remarks Airlift Co-founder, Minda Brusse. “Unlike store gift cards, Shoutouts are personal and immediate. The opportunity to share a recognition message on the kiosk adds that social element.” Beyond increasing sales, Shoutouts engage more employees with the Airlift market, growing the number of Airlift pre-paid account holders and repeat visitors.

“We’re releasing new features every month, and updates are pushed remotely through our cloud-based infrastructure.” says Phadke. “Airlift’s innovation and technology makes it possible and profitable to serve smaller offices with micro markets.”

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by Elliot Maras

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