Face Place is Back in Session with Double the Distributors, Double the Learning, Double the Potential!

Greenvale, New York, USA – Just as higher education programs were revving up with new classes, so to was Face Place’s highly acclaimed Distributor Certification Program. Class was back in session on Thursday September 8th at Apple Industries Headquarters, with representatives from both American Vending Sales, Inc. and Shaffer Distributing Company in attendance. Sanford I. Weill once said “Details create the big picture.” Apple Industries has decided that distributors who have the details about the revenues and technology of Face Place Photo Booths can make the sale and together we can develop the bigger picture, no matter what story competitors might be spinning.

FACE PLACE DISTRIBUTORSLatest graduates:  American Vending Sales’ VP of Sales Tony Shamma and Sales Representative Eileen Schreiner as well as two of Shaffer’s amusement equipment sales specialists, Bob Muniak and Matt Ottey from Shaffer’s Columbus, Ohio, headquarters.

During their September 8th conference at Apple, representatives from these two distribution companies feasted on an in-depth menu of Face Place facts and figures as well as a BBQ provided by the Apple staff.

The Face Place Distributor Conference modules consisted of:

The Face Place network:

This proprietary network runs on Apple’s Smile 2.0 operating system.  Apple COO Scott Avery explained that every new Face Place Photo Booth is now specifically designed for online operation. That means Apple can not only facilitate constant downloading of new graphics and promotions packages; it can support remote diagnostics, field reports, social media sales, and the company’s Product Fulfillment Program.

Apple’s website:

Apple Marketing Coordinator Joe DiGirolamo and Creative Lead Andrew Bloomfield demonstrated the website’s in-depth technical and marketing information. Distributors can use the wealth of data here to assist operators, as well as daily updates of information, blog posts, press releases and more. They also gave a quick preview of new features that are on the horizon for the website.

Ongoing software development:

Mike Bloomfield, Apple’s Director of Research & Development/IT, gave the attendees a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Apple is continuing to improve its computer algorithms to continue providing higher photo quality, enable better connectivity, faster downloading, and a steady series of basic upgrades and improvements.

Custom graphics and licensed themes:

Andrew Bloomfield, went on to demonstrate how Face Place cash boxes grow stronger thanks to the clever use of custom graphics including licensed content from Major League Baseball, the rock group Kiss, and well known characters such as a famous Rapper and a red carpet Comedienne.  In confidence, the Apple team also revealed some spectacular new licensed properties that are expected to be downloaded next quarter to all networked Face Place machines.

Advanced photo quality:

Kris Link, Apple’s Director of Distributor Relations, explained that Apple operators are able to command $5 and $10 vend prices because Face Place units vend photos that are brighter, sharper, clearer, and have greater range and verisimilitude of colors and contrast.  The photo booth industry at its most basic level is a market where “seeing is believing” (and that means customers who happily pay more for a better product).

“The faster operators embrace this amazing opportunity, the sooner they’ll start earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in incremental revenues,” CEO Allen Weisberg Stated. “Apple is selling more units every year as the market realizes just how powerful the Face Place brand truly is.  And we’ve only scratched the surface!”

Shaffer Distributing Company (http://shafferdistributing.com) is a family-run organization that traces its roots back to a Columbus, Ohio amusements route in 1929.  The company expanded to distributing in the 1930s.  Today Shaffer serves amusement and vending operators with 2 branches in Ohio, plus 1 each in Missouri, Indiana, and Detroit.  For more information call the Columbus headquarters at (800) 282-0194.

American Vending Sales, Inc. (AVS) is a distributor of amusement, gaming and vending equipment based in Elk Grove Village, IL. Founded in Chicago in 1971, the company has established itself as the preeminent full-service gaming, amusement and vending distributor in the Midwest. Offering a complete range of services to represented customers and manufacturers, from the sale of equipment and parts to comprehensive repair and refurbishing. More information about AVS is available at www.americanvending.com or www.facebook.com/americanvending. For more information call (800) 441-0009.

Apple Industries Inc. (http://faceplacephoto.com) is the world’s leading provider of consumer digital imaging solutions for retail environments.  Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award winning line of Face Place digital photo booths.  Face Place photo booths contain Smile 2.0 software which allows customers to purchase photo strips, 4×6 photos, and to share their photos directly from the photo booths by email, Facebook or Twitter.  Apple Industries has been in the photo, vending, coin-operated machine and event planning industries for more than 30 years. For more information call (516) 619-8000.

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