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Vending Manuals - A&M Vending Equipment Sales has  thousands of parts in stock and can 
ship in-stock parts the same day in the United States or International before 3:30 pm EST.
Parts include: 
Main Control Boards, Vend Motors, Displays, Keypads, Price Sheets, Flavor Strips, LED Bulbs and 
Update Kits. 
Validators and Changers from MEI, Conlux, Coinco, Bellis, and Pyramid [ Read More ]

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STAR TECH JOURNAL has been reporting the technical side of coin-operated games since 1979 when electronics first entered the arcades (remember TTL and flip-flops?).

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WWW.VENDINGCONCEPTS.NET - Contact us at 1-817-451-8363,

Vending Concepts staffs a number of professional service technicians both in our facility and also mobile in the field (Dallas-Fort Worth).  We repair all kinds of vending machines and refrigeration issues too.  We have service techs available to help you to determine what is wrong with your machine.  If the part is modular you can bring it in to us and pick up a new one. 

We offer advanced replacement on most bill acceptors and coin mechs as well as a number of common control boards.
Many businesses that have vending machines of their own such as laundry mats, motels, car washes, etc. need someone to fix their machines when they go down.  We are similar to a plumbing company in that regard whereby you can call us and we can dispatch a service tech to your location...depending on what zone you're in the cost of an onsite visit will vary but normally ranges from $90.00 to $150.00 for the 1st half hour + parts.  After the first half hour the cost is constant in 15 minute intervals costing $15.00 each interval.  You can save some money by bringing in the unit to our Fort Worth Facility. Refrigeration Service calls are handled differently so please call for details.
Contact us at 1-817-451-8363

Vendors Exchange International - Parts and Service for your vending machines!Vendors Exchange Offers Vending Machine Parts: Fastest, Most Accurate Delivery! Call 1-800-321-2311 You want it, you got it: nearly every vending part in your machines is in stock and delivered with the fastest response time in the industry. 94% of Vendors Exchange International parts orders ship complete the very first time, minimizing downtime so your vending machines make you more money. You’ll appreciate our new 185,000 square foot facility and its extensive supply of parts from the top manufacturers around the world and expanded service center! Visit Website at:, email

Vendors RepairVENDORS REPAIR Service Inc - Sells and repairs coin changers, bill acceptors and PCB Boards from Mars Electronics, MEI, Conlux, Maka, Coinco, Ardac, National Vendors, Automatic Products, Debitek and others.
Phone: 1-800-248-1712 Visit our Website at:

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