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American Banking Equipment Company
FOR SALE: USED MONEY HANDLING EQUIPMENT!! – ABEC specializes in used money-handling equipment, including coin sorters, coin wrappers, and currency counters. Brands we deal in: Cummins, DeLaRue, Glory, Magner, Reis, Talaris, Scan Coin. Click here to view inventory to choose from! and give us a call 800-255-8064 Contact Mack at 503-550-6077 with any questions.
Phone: 800-255-8064
Local: 503-550-6077 – National marketer of high quality new bank equipment and supplies, by the top manufacturers of today’s financial and business machinery! Coin & currency counters, mixed money counters, check encoders, check joggers, check signers and more! Top Selling Equipment Items! Visit website at:
Phone: 818-772-1818
Fax: 818-475-0178
Email: sales@

DS Vending – Money Bags, Parts & Supplies for all types of vending equipment.

Phone: 800-445-8363

General Bank Supply – We carry a complete line of cash and coin handling products such as: coin wrappers, plastic coin bags, canvas coin bags, plastic deposit bags, locking bank bags, zipper wallets, cash boxes and trays, and many other teller and cashier supplies. Call or Order Online Today, Vending Connection users enter Code VC010 to receive 10% Discount!! Visit our website at


Phone: 800-714-5580
Local: 248-528-1660
Fax: 248-528-1670

Greg’s Super Bags!! Keep your money straight and organized and make it fast to count. ELIMINATE coins accidentally hiding between the dollar bills and then falling into your bill counter during the counting process, since the coins are kept in a separate compartment. have a barcode window for automated processing purposes. Gregg’s Super Bag comes with a 5-year “no questions asked” replacement guarantee! Call or email to order today! Visit Website at
Phone: UK 07983 241100
USA 619-808-2049

Glenview Systems Inc. Glenview Coin Systems is a leading manufacturer of solutions for the money handling industry. For over twenty years, we’ve increased profitability, security and efficiency of many industries including: Gaming, Vending, Parking and Amusements. We provide quality products and systems, leading-edge technology, responsive manufacturing and most of all the integrity to build and maintain successful long-term relationships with our customers.

Phone: 262-295-8670
Fax: 262-295-8672