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American Changer is an award-winning developer and manufacturer of innovative bill changers, currency and token dispensers, and pay stations and phone card vendors, serving rapidly expanding vending markets throughout the world. Our machine hallmarks are simplicity and flexibility – with a bill changer adapted to all major bill validator companies and a "universal" coin dispensing hopper.

Phone: 800-741-9840

Coin Changer Corp-We specialize in change machine, bill counter, coin counter, bill breaker, pay station, kiosk, auto cashier, ticket dispenser, bill changers, coin changers, and more!

Phone: 800-637-5154
Local: 561-471-1008
or 561-471-7222

Hamilton Manufacturing has a complete line of vending changers, now offers more options to meet the needs of your "changing" business!
Phone: 888-723-4858
Local: 419-867-4858