Selecta partner with Abbeychart for major refurb

Selecta Switzerland is one of the first international operators to take advantage of Abbeychart’s bespoke refurb service as a way to prolong the lifespan of the company’s classic red vending machines whilst improving operating efficiency and driving additional sales revenues.  

Over a three month period, Abbeychart designed, refurbed and tested 2800 Selecta machines, sourcing unique components and introducing optical LED lighting to create ‘next generation’ stock. The project included a deep clean, an aesthetic facelift; new outer skins; a new lighting scheme for the top cap, product display area and collection point. Plus a bespoke telemetry system to enable increased functionality across payment options which includes a new Selecta ‘Find and Pay’ app.  

“Our main focus was to bring energy efficient retail quality lighting into the vending space as a way to attract more customers,” said Mark Taylor, managing director, Abbeychart.  “The impact of high performance lighting cannot be underestimated in terms of showcasing the product and increasing the opportunity for that all important impulse purchase.”  

The restyling of the ‘cult’ Selecta machines was timed to coincide with the company’s sixtieth anniversary and with other promotions to mark the milestone year planned, high visibility amongst consumers was envisaged.   “The machines are used in high traffic public vending areas such as airports, train and bus stations and often exposed to hostile external elements, so as well as looking good, a robust design was critical.” said Mark.   

Bettina Kypke from Selecta explained “We are very grateful for Abbeychart’s involvement in the development and implementation of our public vending refurbishment project. The new lighting solutions provide ultimate visibility, reliability and help us to increase the attractiveness of our points of sale.”  

According to Selecta there has been a 10-30% increase in sales revenue since the upgrade which is an excellent result. As importantly, the life span of the machines has been extended by five years. “The investment has reduced spend on new equipment and protected revenue streams for an additional period and this is something that will interest most commercially minded operators,” said Mark. 


Abbeychart was founded in 1991 and acquired by Hawco Ltd in 2012 and is headquartered in Stanford in the Vale, UK. Abbeychart are liquid dispense experts who provide solutions to the coffee, water, vending and soft drink industries. From its UK Logistics Centre in Bolton and warehouse in the USA, Abbeychart supplies in the region of 9000 specialist products across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.  

With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, Abbeychart are proud to be able to offer cleaning and hygiene products in eco-friendly packaging and water filters for vending and catering applications that comprise 100% recyclable materials. 

As well as supplying parts that keep the drinks industry operating, Abbeychart have in-house workshop facilities that provide kitting services, to supply time-saving service kits for specific machines and maintenance tasks, and boiler descaling services to keep water boilers in top condition. The workshop also refurbishes bar guns and pumps, offering operators an alternative to the replacement of costly parts. 

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