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SALAD VENDING MACHINES! SALAD VENDING MACHINE SUPPLIERS listed here. Fresh Salads for your breakroom. Yes, they are salad vending machines! Please contact these vending machine SUPPLIERS direct for more information about the machines they offer.
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SALAD Vending Machine Equipment
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Sally the Salad Robot creates custom salads with up to 21 seasonal ingredients – replenished daily – in less than a minute, any time of day. Developed by food robotics company Chowbotics, Sally is intuitive and easy to use. Users place a bowl beneath the dispenser, make selections on a touchscreen interface and watch as Sally’s canisters shift to drop each ingredient in, one by one. Charlie Ayers, “the chef who fed Google,” is Executive Chef. He created Sally’s signature salads and oversees ingredient selection. Visit
Salad Vending Machine Chowbotics
Phone: (650) 362-3700
Since 2009 Digital Media Vending has been designing and building custom vending machines. We create wall mounted and floor standing vending machines. Dispense mechanisms include elevators and adjustable conveyor belts, hanger trays and spirals. Touchscreens, remote management, and video analytics are optional. Automated retail is the future, let us bring your concept to life. Visit our website: Custom Vending Machines.
Custom Vending Machines
Phone: 1-800-490-1108
Farmer’s Fridge – We make fresh meals in our kitchen and fill our Fridges with wholesome, delicious salads, bowls, snacks and more. Unpurchased items are regularly donated to local food pantries, providing responsibly sourced nutrition to community members in need. Visit
Farmer's Fridge
Phone: 312-229-0099