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ACDI is a leading manufacturer and designer of copy and print control devices.  As an industry leader, our units count, limit, charge, and report usage from virtually all copiers and printers on the market today. (Domestic & International) CHOOSE ACDI!

Phone: 800-990-2234
Fax: 501-664-8085

Advanced Technologies is a leading vendor in copier and printer vending, with over 30 years of experience.  We offer coin-ops, card readers, keypad controllers, and print vending software.  Our prices are always competitive, and our service is unsurpassed. Visit our website at

Phone: 224-585-9650 – Reduce your workload and cost of printing dramatically through traditional as well as digital solutions for copier vending and pay for use applications. We are the leading supplier of public access print and duplicating vending solutions servicing Houston and surrounding areas.
Phone: 713-272-6171
Fax: 713-272-6173
Jamex – Coin-operated copiers, fax machines and coin op printers for vending businesses.
Phone: 800-289-6550

#1 OMNI COPY CENTERS Rents Coin Operated Copiers! Service guaranteed within 24 hours. Worlds largest service staff with over 600 Employees, and 500 Office Locations – Worldwide distribution. Omni’s 50th year advising customers concerning their photocopier needs. Coin Operated Copiers for your office!

Phone: 800-662-3611
Fax: 631-957-0550

SEM Inc. Coin, Bill and Card money systems.
New 2012 line of coin-ops for photocopiers, printers and vending print softwares. FREE shipping for USA continental. For more information visit our Website.

Phone: 888-334-7569
Fax: 514-334-5922