Romania Vending Machine Companies

ROMANIA Vending Machine Companies! ROMANIA Vending Machines which may include; Candy, Gumball, Snack, Soda, Drinks, Food, Deli, Healthy vending machines, Micro Markets, Amusement Games and repair services & more! Please contact the vending suppliers direct for more information about their vending products, machines or services. These vending machine suppliers are listed alphabetically by company name.
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ROMANIA Vending Machine Companies
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Doctor Vending – Vending Machine Distributor- offering All types of vending machines: Coffea, Food, Snack, Drink. Servicing areas in Romania. Please visit website:
Dr Vending Romania
tel: 021 344 2000
The European Vending Association represents the whole of the vending industry in Europe: vending machine suppliers, machine components and accessories manufacturers, and operators. Visit our new website:
tel: 32-2-512 00 75
fax: 32-2-502 23 42