VITA500 New Asian Vitamin Drink Now Selling in USA

VITA500 New Asian Vitamin Drink Now Selling in USA!

IRVINE, CA (June 20, 2016) – Vita500, Asia’s number one selling vitamin drink, has officially arrived in the United States and is partnering with New England Beverage Company. New England Beverage Company is a beverage distributor located in Connecticut who services New York Metropolitan through Boston Metropolitan with Arizona, Welch’s, Langers, Everfresh, Good-O, Old Tyme Soda, Verday Chlorophyll Water and more.
The product is available in vending and micro markets.
Vita500 is a refreshing, ready-to-drink vitamin drink containing 500mg of vitamin C at 50 calories per bottle. Vita500 also delivers 100% Daily Value of Riboflavin (B2) to support carbohydrate, protein and fat breakdown, 25% DV of Niacin (B3) to help increase “good” HDL cholesterol and 25% DV of vitamin B6 to support healthy neurotransmission.
Vita500 is not an energy drink, it’s a vitamin C drink. With meaningful amounts of vitamin C, niacin and B6, and none of the caffeine, taurine, and artificial colors and flavors found in many energy drinks, it opens up an entirely new category for the retailer and the consumer.
New England Beverage Company is a well known distribution company with a history dating all the way back to 1898.  They are dedicated to providing world class products to their customers. “With successful sales in 28 countries worldwide, we are delighted to launch in the United States with New England Beverage Company, a formidable distributor.  Vitamin C is known as ‘the grandfather of antioxidants,’ and has the built-in awareness that goes with that title. At the same time, Vita500 delivers vitamin C in a meaningful amount in a ready-to-drink beverage and at 50 calories, and that’s entirely new,” stated Executive Managing Director – William Cho of Kwangdong USA.
Vita500 is assisted by Cascadia Managing Brands and Envision Sales and Marketing.
About Vita500: Launched in South Korea in 2001 by Kwangdong HQ, Vita500 is the leading vitamin drink in the Korean market, with more than 90% market share.  It sells as many as 50 million bottles per month and in 2015 sold over 366 million bottles.






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