Izipoint Autonomous Point Of Sale Micro Market Applications


Micro Markets are more in demand than ever before because many consumers choose them to get the foods and beverages that they need while other traditional stores are closed or not as convenient.

Even though micro markets earn excellent ROI, the reality is that managing them can be a concern for some operators, especially since most micro-markets require multiple software platforms for the operator to run their business. 

Thankfully, Izipoint offers one single software platform for managing a micro-market, that covers all of the essentials that an operator needs. 

About Izipoint 

Used by micro markets worldwide, Izipoint makes managing a micro-market more efficient than ever before because an operator can now utilize one platform for everything, while enjoying the following benefits. 

  • Telemetry – This feature helps operators to gain full control over their trading equipment and the safety of goods while reducing logistics plus their overall costs. 
  • Automatic Ordering – With Izipoint, operators will never run out of their best-selling foods or beverages again because, the software will calculate the consumption of goods so that customers’ favorite products are always available. 
  • Intelligent Analytics – Since data is the ‘lifeblood’ of any business these days, Izipoint also offers state-of-the-art analytics so that operators can easily track all of their business indicators at a glance and make swift management decisions. 

Run A More Efficient Micro Market 

While supply chain problems and other issues are affecting micro markets worldwide, Izipoint offers peace of mind because operators can reduce their costs by up to 80%, while also reducing inventory checkouts and delays. 

Besides making it possible for an operator to run a more efficient micro-market, Izipoint also offers 24-7 customer service, dynamic marketing tools, and a rock-solid platform that makes it possible to easily set up a micro-market almost anywhere. 

To learn more about Izipoint, visit their website at https://izipoint.io, email sales@izipoint.io, call New York office: 210-775-2069.