Signifi’s Spark Series Brings Intelligence to Vending

signifi spark

Retail vending has to change in the 2020s as consumers are expecting vending machines to be open 24-7 with the foods and beverages that they want, while accepting the payment methods that they have in their purse or wallet. 

Thanks to Signifi Spark series vending machines, operators can offer their customers more than a vending machine that just accepts cash, card, or coin. These vending machines are an intelligent, and offer ‘customer-first’ solutions that will help you to create an awesome customer experience based on the location, product, and goals of the machine. 

A Signifi Spark Series vending machine is the closest that you will come to having an employee working for you 24-7 because the reliable elevator-based system will transform your entire customer experience. 

Remote Management  

The Spark Series vending machine offers a cloud-based platform which can remotely manage a vending machine. With their remote management tools, you will also see real-time sales reporting, downtime, and improve choices that will increase the ROI that you will see from your Spark series vending machine. 

Connect With Your Customers In New Ways 

Besides being able to serve customers 24-7, a Signifi Spark Series will help you connect and serve your customers in new ways because the insightful customer data that the machine offers will make it possible for you to offer your customers more value, while getting you more ROI from your machine. 

Signifi Solutions is a leader in delivering smart vending, self-serve kiosks and automated retail solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2005, they design, engineer and develop robotic based dispensing kiosks, smart lockers and loss prevention hardware that can be customized for any application.

From vending machines that offer 42” touchscreens, to smart lockers, and compact vending machines, Canada-based Signifi Solutions, Inc offers the right vending machines for any location. 

To learn more about their popular vending configurations, and the technology they can offer you, visit their website at, call (877) 744-6434, email