KICTeam Cleaning Cards

KickTeam clean CardsKICTeam, a cleaning solutions provider for vending machines, ATMs and kiosks, has been awarded method and design patents for its “Autoclean” technology, which enables cleaning in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

The custom-designed cleaning cards lock inside the device and enable rollers and belts to scrub themselves clean against the card while the motor is running.

The cards can allow service technicians to perform a thorough cleaning that once took nearly an hour, in a matter of minutes.

“This is a proud milestone in our company’s development,” said Ian McCormick, CEO. “These latest patents are our ninth and tenth, demonstrating our leadership position. More importantly, the Autoclean patents underscore KICTeam’s unique ability to deliver what our customers require – top performance and visible results.”

KIC Cleaning Cards come in several formats including Waffletechnology®, encoded cards, and flat cards. Their patented Waffletechnology® design provides the most thorough cleaning because it is able to access hard-to-reach internal components and areas that flat cards simply can’t.

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Patented Waffletechnology® design