InHand Networks – A Resource For Remote Monitoring And Smart Vending

InHand Networks

Are you searching for the best way to automate your vending machine business? If so, InHand Networks is an excellent resource for remote machine monitoring and smart vending solutions. 

For more than 20 years, the company has been helping operators nationwide digitally transform their businesses by bringing their vending machines, kiosks, and unattended markets into the 21st century with their IoT solutions, gateways, routers, and other technology solutions. 

Every operator in today’s world must have an automated vending machine business that lets them manage their routes from any device and internet connection. Thankfully, the solutions that InHand Networks provides enables operators to have truly flexible and automated businesses.  

One Stop Digitalization 

It doesn’t matter if your vending machines are not currently connected, or your current networked machines are a mess. InHand Solutions provides one-stop digitalization solutions which will streamline your business and make optimization a breeze. 

Some of the products that the company offers include the following:  

Cellular Routers – Their routers offer a wide variety of features such as fast Ethernet, dynamic Wi-Fi, serial ports, total VPN security, dynamic routing, and failover, providing 100% reliable connectivity and a variety of business continuity solutions. 

Cellular Modems – InHand’s modems provide wireless data communications between field serial devices and the central control system to enable remote control of industrial field sites.  

Cloud Services – The key component in their suite of products is their cloud services including InConnect, a plug and play, secure VPN connection, which enables you to access your devices from any connection, anytime. 

Scale Up Your Vending Business With InHand Networks 

It doesn’t matter if your vending machines are already connected, or if you’re searching for the best solutions to scale up your vending business, InHand Networks has the solutions that you need to grow your business. 

To learn more about the services that they can offer you, contact them at or call (703) 348-2988,