32M Accessibility: How does it work?


A note about Three Square Markets accessibility: When they entered the micro market industry years ago, one of the first things they noticed was the lack of accessibility within the industry.

32M set out to change that and now they are the company that offers the most options for accessibility and the most products that are ADA compliant.  While others have tried to match what they do, they are currently the only gesture-based touch screen self-pay market in the industry. This allows a blind individual to completely navigate our kiosk. All kiosks have the ability to be accessible, especially our 46 kiosks. Our junior executive and express lite allow for audio assistance with the addition of external speakers. 

How does it work:  

  1. Double-tap to activate a selected item. 
  2. Swipe right to select the next item.  
  3. Swipe left to select the previous item. 
  4. You can also easily explore the screen. Drag your finger over and around the screen. Three Square Market screen reader will speak the name of each item you touch.  

If these gestures sound familiar, that’s because they are! These are the same basic gestures a visually impaired person uses when navigating their iPhone with Voiceover. With an easy process comes even easier accessibility for each and every person in your market.  

Our backend accessibility for the blind operator is second to none! Optimized with the accessibility features found on Apple iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. You only need to know the above-mentioned gestures to effectively navigate the dashboard to run your store. It is also developed for low vision users; You can easily use the pinch to zoom gesture to enlarge the dashboard screen so that the user can easily see the dashboard content. 

Three Square Market is committed to continuing accessibility development, which is why they start our operators off with training to help them get started and continue to develop.  

Training covers:  

  • Navigating the customer-facing kiosk screen and backend dashboard. All the training will be tailored towards the blind person’s vision acuity, because they know everyone is different. 
  • How to interact with sighted customers as they use the kiosk. 
  • Difference between a micro market and traditional BEP locations such as vending machines, snack bars, and cafeterias.  
  • Tips and tricks for running a successful micro market. From best practices for stocking to what Three Square Market can do to help the continued growth of the operator’s business.  
Three Square Markets

If you have questions, reach out to Chris Ingram at 706-266-1451 or Andy Whitehead at 715-760-1024.

Visit 32M website at: https://32mnow.com/, email contact@TKC32M.com.

Source: https://32mnow.com/