VEII’s Touchless Kits For Vending Machines

Give your customers the option of a touchless vending machine experience by upgrading your UCB or Non-UCB machine with VEII’s new touchless vending machine kits. They now offer cashless, contact-free vending solutions to allow customers to vend from their mobile device without ever touching a keypad!

With the Vendors Exchange International’s touchless kits for vending machines, you can offer consumers a contact-free experience since they can order the food and beverages that they want, right from their mobile devices. 

How Does It Work? 

Using the consumer’s iPhone, or Android smartphone, a consumer must scan the QR code on the front of the vending machine, then an app will open on their phone, displaying a keypad that they can use to enter the number of the item that they want to order. 

Once selected, the consumer can then pay for their food or beverage right from the app and retrieve their item from the vending machine. 

Made by Cleveland, OH Based Vendors Exchange International, this touchless vending machine offers the right technology, at the right time, since many consumers are still concerned about spreading viruses and they want to have a touchless transaction. 

More Than Half of Consumers Prefer Contactless Transactions 

Thanks to recent data from Fit Small Business, we know that 57% of consumers nationwide recently stated that they would prefer to do business with retailers that offer a contactless payment solution. 

Besides offering new touchless vending machines, they also offer kits that can be used to upgrade UCB and non-UCB vending machines as well.  The company also offers parts for most commercially available vending machines on the market today and a certified repair department that can repair most coin changers and bill acceptors. 

To learn more about the Vendors Exchange International touchless vending machine kits, visit their website today at