Utz Brands Expands Portfolio With J&D Snacks And Clem Snacks


With 100 years of success, Pennsylvania-based Utz Brands is expanding their snack food portfolio by acquiring Clem Snacks and J&D Snacks. 

With 17 facilities spread out across 11 states, the company continues to be a forward-looking brand with an eye on expansion, and their recent acquisitions will only help them to grow and offer more snack food options to their customers. 

Both Clem Snacks and J&D Snacks have decades of success, and more than 125 DSD routes between them in the New York area. 

The New Go-To Brand For Salty Snacks In New York 

Since launching in 1921, Utz Brands has quietly been building its presence in the New York salty snack food market. 

Since the Pandemic, Utz has gained ground in New York as other companies have lost business due to a faltering economy and pandemic-related issues. 

Having more DSD routes to offer their customers, Utz can now offer enhanced sales management, higher service velocity, and an expanded route distribution system. 

Eager To Serve A Vibrant And Diverse Market 

In a recent interview about their expansion, Steve Liantonio, Senior Vice President of National Sales Operations said that the company is eager to further serve the vibrant and diverse New York market with the recent acquisition of J&D Snacks and Clem Snacks. 

With this transition expected to close during the first quarter of 2022, investors are eager to see how this move will impact the company as more people are expected to return to work in New York following more than 2 years of pandemic-related closures and working from home. 

To learn more about Utz Snacks, visit their website at https://www.utzsnacks.com