Rind Tangy Kiwi – The Ultimate Single Ingredients Snack

Rind Tangy Kiwi Fruit

Want to offer your vending or micro-market customers a great snack that only has one ingredient? If so, RIND’s Tangy Kiwi is an ideal snack because it’s made from the skin of kiwi fruit and each bag is packed with vitamins like Potassium and Vitamin C. 

Inspired by a family recipe, New York-based RIND snacks were created to offer consumers the vitamin-packed power of the fruit rind, and their Tangy Kiwi bowl exceeds expectations because it’s chewy, tangy, and offers all-natural ingredients that are sadly missing in other snack foods today. 

Tart And Tangy 

Using what most people would normally throw away, Rinds Tangy Kiwi snacks are tart, tangy, and made from 100% California Kiwis. 

Besides being fun to eat, these all-natural snacks will also satisfy the sweet and sour cravings that many consumers have as well because they are packed with healthy doses of Vitamin C in every bite. 

The Healthy Alternative To Sugary Snacks 

If you ask the average consumer, they will tell you that they enjoy at least one sugary snack daily but the reality is that most candies, or sugary snack foods, are also high in artificial sweeteners and other preservatives.  

With only 11 grams of sugar per serving, Rind’s Tangy Kiwi snacks are an ideal snack for consumers who have to monitor their blood sugar. What’s even more ideal is since this snack is high in dietary fiber, it will assist with lowering cholesterol and fighting obesity as well. 

These tart and tangy snacks are an ideal alternative to the wide variety of sugary snacks on the market today and they will appeal to consumers of all ages. 

To learn more about Rind’s Tangy Kiwi fruit snacks, visit their website at https://www.rindsnacks.com