ProWatch Solutions, Automated Retail Management Security System

ProWatch Solutions

Unattended retail has enjoyed huge growth in recent years, and the industry is now back to pre-pandemic levels, however, a rapid increase in crime nationwide has threatened to derail the growth that operators have remained cautiously optimistic about. 

Thanks to the Automatic Retail Management System (ARMS) by ProWatch Solutions, micro market operators nationwide are finally tackling crime in their stores. This system focuses on daily pain points that business owners in the unattended retail industry face including shrinkage. 

Built by micro-market professionals for professionals, the comprehensive ProWatch system utilizes AI and a combination of analytic tools that offer operators security, theft, and monitoring services all in one package. 

Reduce Theft In Your Micro-Market By 4% Or More

Using the most advanced monitoring, artificial intelligence, remote monitoring, and actionable analytics, ProWatch Solutions outperforms traditional loss prevention technology while also offering an industry-leading user experience and interface. 

Besides offering all the tools operators need in one package, this platform also gives operators a remote monitoring capability to monitor their micro markets anywhere they have an internet connection. 

Having all the tools that an operator needs in one package is important, but what’s even better is that ProWatch also offers customized theft protection options that allow operators to control how they receive video from their stores, including potential hardware issues that affect the monitoring of theft. 

Make 2024 The Year You Finally Gain Control Over Theft 

Let’s face it: having cameras in your store is great, but if you’re still experiencing theft, it’s time to do something about it. 

With the ProWatch Solutions system, you will have state-of-the-art technology in your store and deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) that will help you maximize the protection of your micro markets.  

Led by a team of AI experts with over 50 years of experience in the Unattended Retail space, this platform addresses traditional loss prevention challenges while using AI to thwart criminals who may be using technology to take advantage of your unattended store. 

To learn more about ProWatch Solutions, visit their website at , call (224) 836-3464 or Email.