PigOut – Pigless Pork Rind Snacks, 1oz

PigOut 1oz

Pigless Pork Rinds? Yes, Outstanding Foods has created PigOut, a tasty pigless pork rind snack, now offered in a 1 ounce size for single serving pleasure. 

The only difference between traditional pork rinds, vs. PigOut’s pork rinds, is that these snacks are made from plant-based protein and don’t contain any GMO’s, gluten, soy, or potentially harmful ingredients that health-conscious consumers in the 2020’s want to eliminate from their diets. 

Besides being free of potentially unhealthy ingredients, these pork rinds contain nothing but wholesome ingredients and flavors that everyone will enjoy including nacho cheese, Texas BBQ, and their own version of flaming hot pork rinds. 

With 25 grams of plant-based protein per bag, these pork rinds are also an addictively delicious snack that serves a purpose because they are also an easy way to get the protein that your body needs, even while on the go. 

PigOut pork rinds also have 75% less sodium and saturated fat than traditional pork rinds. This snack food is also a certified plant-based product with cholesterol per serving.

Build Your Own PigOut® Box

Hit it off with Hella Hot & Nacho Cheese but want to leave Salt & Vinegar on read? Build your own box — all you have to do is pick your flavor, choose your quantity, add to cart and you’ve got yourself a plant-based match made in Pigless Pork Rind heaven.

Made by Outstanding Foods, the quality of these pork rinds will give any consumer confidence that they can pork rinds again and offer them to the members of their family. 

To learn more about PigOut pork rinds, visit their website at http://www.outstandingfoods.com