Is Your Commercial Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Do the following tips, before calling a repair technician. by Minus Forty

Micro Market coolers

If you own a micro market, your commercial refrigerator merchandisers are a vital part of your business and if they stop cooling you only have a very short window of time before the food or beverages in the fridge spoils. In some cases, you can get your commercial refrigerator running again if you follow these tips. 

#1 – Check The Thermostat 

One of the first things to do when your commercial refrigerator stops working is to check the thermostat because there’s a strong chance that its thermostat has been set too warm. 

Thankfully, if this is the case, all you have to do is turn that thermostat down to decrease the desired temperature and it should start cooling normally again. 

#2 – Is It Overloaded With Warm Product? 

Another common reason why commercial refrigerators stop cooling is that they were recently overloaded with warm products. 

When this happens, airflow inside the fridge may not be able to keep the product inside the fridge cool, so the best solution is to evenly distribute the product so that air can be distributed, and everything can be cooled correctly. 

#3 – Check Clearance Between Fridge And Wall  

Another common thing that happens with every refrigerator worldwide is that from time to time they get pushed too close to the wall. 

Sadly, when a refrigerator has insufficient clearance, the cabinet can overheat since there’s not enough airflow behind the fridge. 

The solution to this problem is to measure the distance between the fridge and wall then pull it at least 6 inches away, if that fridge has been pushed too close to the wall over time. 

#4 – Inspect The Condenser Coil 

Last of all, but most important, you should take the time to inspect your commercial refrigerator’s condenser coil because it may have become clogged with dirt or dust over time. 

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