Hint Intros Cranberry Apple Smashup

Cranberry Sash Up by Hint

With Hint, introducing their new Cranberry Apple Smashup flavored water, you will have just what your vending customers are looking for because most people these days are searching for a drink that will help them to satisfy their sweet cravings. 

What’s ideal about Hint bottled water is that their water doesn’t have a boring water taste, their Cranberry Apple Smashup has just a hint of cranberry and apple. Offered in 16 Fl. ounce bottles.

Drink Water, Not Sugar 

Unlike other sugary drinks on the market today, consumers who drink a bottle of Hint’s Cranberry Apple Smashup won’t be left with a sugar crash after they’ve consumed it.  This beverage is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty drink without having to be concerned about how it will affect their body later on. 

Besides making great-tasting beverages since 2005, Hint’s drinks also don’t contain any artificial ingredients, they are non-GMO and Kosher friendly as well. 

Your Consumers Will Enjoy Water Again 

In 2022, more consumers than ever before know that they need to drink water but they often fall well short of drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.  With water being an essential building block for the human body, Hint Water makes drinking water fun again, and with their Cranberry Apple Smashup, consumers can enjoy drinking water even without ‘feeling like’ they are drinking water. 

To learn more about Hint water, and their Cranberry Apple Smashup, visit their website at https://www.drinkhint.com