Healthy Smart Mart by Bill Way

Healthy Smart Mart

Micro markets are unattended “serve yourself” retail environments that enable employers to offer a variety of fresh and healthy food options to their employees. The consumers can review products both on shelves and in open coolers which allows them to pick products up, review nutritional information, and feel comfortable with what they choose before they make a purchase. 

With the Healthy Smart Mart™ micro market consumers use a proprietary cashless app-based payment system on their phones to make purchases as they shop without having to wait in any lines.

There are currently over 23,600 micro markets in the US, and they are located almost entirely in businesses with over 500 employees. Healthy Smart Mart™ is one of the only companies servicing the locations that have 50 to 250 employees making this an ideal market, with virtually little to no competition.

Healthy Smart App

Cashless Payment System

Our USER-FRIENDLY “app-based” payment system means NO expensive kiosks required! More importantly, NO lines for customers to wait in means INCREASED SALES! Each user’s smart phone is the POS (point of sale). Huge numbers of sales can all process instantaneously. YOU have access to all sales data in real time through your secure website portal. Quickly transfer funds to your bank account easily at any time via ACH.

About The Company

Bill Way

Live Free LLC was founded by Bill Way, CEO and owner, in October 2009. The Healthy Smart Mart™ brand was created in 2018 although the company has been assisting clients in setting up profitable vending machine operations since 1988 under it’s former name, Freedom Technology. The company was originally founded by Bill Way in March 1972 under the name Way & Associates Inc.

Bill Way is the best-selling author of Vending Success Secrets – How anyone can grow rich in America’s Best Cash Business! in print since 1988 and now in it’s 3rd edition. His next book release coming in October, 2020 is titled Micro Markets – New Opportunities with Vending Gone Wild!

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