Dole Fridge Packs – Enjoy Fruit On-The-Go

Dole Fruit Fridge Packs

Thanks to Dole’s new fridge packs, consumers now have a convenient way to get the fruit that they want and they can enjoy it even on-the-go. 

Portable Fruit In A Cup 

Dole’s new fridge packs are ideal because each 15-ounce cup contains real fruit that’s packed in juice, not syrup, and it can be enjoyed anytime including with breakfast, lunch, or as a mid-afternoon snack. 

With convenient packaging, Doles Fridge Packs are also shareable and designed for every consumer who wants to put the best quality food in their bodies daily. 

  • Picked at peak ripeness
  • Packed in 100% fruit juice
  • Resealable tubs reduce product waste
  • Shelf-stable before opening

Shelf Stable Before Opening 

Besides appealing to consumers of all ages who want to eat better, Dole’s Fridge Packs are also ideal because they are ‘shelf-stable’ before opening.  

This means that you can offer them to your micro market customers without having to take up space in any of your stand-up coolers. 

These fridge packs also come with resealable lids so that they can be placed in a fridge after opening and they can be paired well with any meal. 

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