ChargeItSpot Phone Charger Kiosk 

ChargeItSpot Phone Charger Kiosk

Searching for a new kiosk income stream for your business? If so, phone charging stations offer an ideal investment opportunity because of one simple reason, every consumer has a mobile phone with them and most people need to have their phone charged, especially if they are on the go. 

A phone charging kiosk taps into a hungry market, and there’s nothing better as a business owner than being able to satisfy the needs of that market before your competitor. 

Learn More About Phone Charging with ChargeItSpot 

ChargeItSpot is the leader in phone charging stations for both major brands and retailers nationwide. 

They offer state-of-the-art phone charging kiosks that have secure steel lockers, an easy-to-use interface, and many customization options. 

What’s most important about ChargeItSpot charging stations is that they also collect consumer opt-in data as well including cellphone numbers and email address as well, data that could be used later for marketing. 

Based in Philadelphia, PA, ChargeItSpot charging stations are used by most of the major brands in the world including Under Armour, Gap, and Target because, there’s nothing more convenient for a major retailer than to have the ability to offer mobile phone charging to their customers. 

Capitalize on A Growing Need 

Let’s face it, as more and more consumers carry a phone with them every year, mobile phone charging will continue to be a growing need in cities large and small worldwide. 

To learn more about ChargeItSpot, and their mobile device management solution, visit their website at or call 215-220-6600.