Barista On-Demand, An Unmanned Coffee Vehicle

barista on the go

Rhea presents the first trail-blazing unmanned coffee vehicle.

Redefining the coffee experience: this is the goal of Barista On-Demand, the first mobile coffee station developed by Rhea Vendors Group and Neolix, that integrates automatic coffee machines with a unmanned vehicle. A real ‘barista’, available 7/24, ready to serve a quality coffee on demand: with a simple click from the mobile app, consumers can order a coffee and receive it wherever they want, at home, in the park or at the office.

An innovation project that brings Made in Italy excellence to the world and paves the way for extraordinary new developments in the field of vending applied to autonomous driving.

Barista On-Demand enhances the rich tradition of Italian coffee, putting people at the center of an inclusive, innovative and sustainable experience. The coffee station is able to reach consumers anywhere, confirming Rhea’s commitment to innovative and cutting-edge hospitality solutions.

The partnership with Neolix Technologies, a well-known Chinese company known for pioneering in the field of autonomous vehicles, is based on the collaboration of both companies for a more automated and sustainable future: Barista On-Demand is in fact powered by renewable energy sources, while Rhea coffee machines boast cutting-edge technology in the world of automatic distribution.

Barista on the go

“In today’s rapidly advancing world, we see the pace of daily routines accelerate at an unprecedented rate, calling for adaptive solutions to meet instant demand. This project responds to the shift and offers a new perspective on smart mobility in new retail. Instead of people moving to access coffee services, we can leverage our technology to mobilize coffee shops to reach consumers,” says YU Enyuan, founder and CEO of Neolix Technologies. “Having been at the forefront of global mobility solutions, our aim isn’t merely to enhance mobility but also empower traditional sectors, ensuring, for example, that coffee lovers receive a frictionless experience on the go.”

“With Barista On-Demand we open the way to new perspectives in consumption. This project is a symbolic outcome of Italian and Chinese business cooperation towards innovation and a new way of experiencing hospitality.  We have combined Italian design and our 60 years of experience in the coffee sector, with the innovative potential of Neolix, to provide a top-class coffee experience that looks to the cities of the future,’ said Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea Vendors Group.

The first prototype of Barista On-Demand was unveiled at the CIIE, China International Import Expo, China’s leading trade fair for international trade with China, which opened on 5 November in Shanghai.

About Rhea

Rhea, founded by Aldo Doglioni Majer in 1960, is one of the largest producers of customized vending machines in the world. For over sixty years, Rhea has stood out for its wide international reach, high-level design, state-of-the-art technology, and ‘Made in Italy’ excellence. With headquarters and manufacturing based in the province of Varese and foreign branches in 9 countries, Rhea is proud of having spread coffee culture to over 90 countries around the world.

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