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Can Central is the web site of the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), the trade association for can manufacturers and their suppliers.
Phone: 202-232-4677
Fax: 202-232-5756
The Steel Can Recycling Council is an industry body dedicated to promoting steel can recycling in Australia. The Council comprises representatives from the Aerosol Association of Australia, the Canned Food Information Service, the Can Makers Institute of Australia and BlueScopeSteel Packaging Products.
Phone: 1800-073 713
Can Crushers Equipment! Trash Compactors, Can and Glass Crushers, Densifers.
Phone: 843-686-5503
Aluminium drink cans are 100% recyclable. Our website aims to demonstrate the value of aluminium can recycling, to explain how cans are recycled and how you can get involved in keeping the aluminium can recycling loop going, whether you are recycling at home, fundraising for charity or learning about aluminium can recycling at school.
Phone: 404-814-4200