What Is a Micro Market? How Does It Work? By 365 Retail Markets

Micro Markets

Micro markets have been on the minds of most corporations in recent years because they make it possible to transform a drab breakroom into a self-serve convenience store that an employee can use to purchase drinks and healthy beverage options during the day. 

What’s ideal about micro markets is that they are also a good fit for high-traffic locations that have had difficulty serving customers in the past including college campuses, museums, corporate breakrooms, airports, and hotel lobbies. 

Why Micro Markets Earn Good ROI 

What makes micro markets a good fit for most locations is unattended retail. This means that they don’t require an employee to physically be present to ring up the items that the customer purchases because a consumer can checkout via their credit/debit card or smartphone.  

A micro market utilizes coolers, kiosks, and technology-enhanced store shelving that senses when products have been removed and will alert the micro market operator when the shelves need to be restocked.  

The product that is typically available in a micro market can include anything from sodas, candy, chips, and cookies to fresh fruit, salads, tea, and other healthy food items.  

Since micro markets don’t need employees to physically be there to keep them running, an unattended retain market can essentially stay open 24-7 and serve consumers who are looking for fresh food and beverages day or night.   

Micro Markets VS Vending Machines 

Let’s face it, vending machines will always be around because they provide fast access to foods and beverages but, the inventory that they carry is often limited, plus they can stop working at any time due to parts malfunctioning. 

With a micro market, the products are always there for the customers when they need them, and an operator is never ‘locked in’ to just offering candy, sodas, or chips like they are with traditional vending machines. 

A micro market operator can easily change their product offerings with the times and offer their customers the healthy products that they are looking for. 

How To Get Started with Micro Markets 

365 Retail Markets

The best way to get started with micro markets is to choose a company that’s highly regarded in unattended retail micro markets. 

365 Retail Markets has been working in the micro market industry for years and they’ve installed locations around the world. 

To learn more about 365 Retail Markets and their Connected Campus, visit their website at https://365retailmarkets.com.