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LAUNDRY PRODUCT VENDING MACHINES and laundry product suppliers for coin Laundromats. Please contact these laundromat dispensing equipment suppliers direct for more information about their coin operated washer & dryer machines and laundry supplies.
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Personal Product Vending Machines
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Personal Products Ltd was established in its current form in 2006 by industry professionals with over 30 years experience. Our roots go back to 1989 when its current management team started in the washroom service sector.
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PROTOCOL is a leading international supplier of over-the-counter medications and other personal & laundry products…via wall mounted vending dispensers.

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Vending Manufacturers, Inc. – Our vending machines dispense pharmaceuticals, perfumes, snacks and other products. You can buy factory direct, become one of our distributors or we can customize a machine for your product. Visit our Products pages for details on our vending machines. Let us know you visited our web site and receive special discount prices.
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